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By | September 29, 2018

Welcome everyone to the world of lucian build. This is a place where all the gamers meet and play the game of Lucian Build. The Lucian build is a game that is very easy to play. In this, you will familiarize with some other characters of the game such as lucian pro builds, lux runes, xayah probuilds etc. The lucian build is easy to play and offers the gamers more opportunities so that they can kill their enemies with any difficulty.

Lucian build pro: –

For the unlimited entertainment of the game, we have launched the latest version of the game that is lucian build pro. It offers some other extra features to you like extra damage, beat up the enemies by constant attacks. It also offers you the team fight with new and extraordinary features like. The multiplayer fights in lucian probuilds are very excited and full of fun and climax. The level of difficulty in it is also increased. It gives you the challenge to overcome these difficulties and become a champion.

Xayah Probuilds: –

 To provide more and more challenges and exciting tasks for the gamers created the xayah probuilds. It is winning and picking up percentage is very high among the others. The xayah probuilds you to earn the gold by defeating its enemy. With the help of this gold, you can easily purchase the latest and new weapons for your champion and stay-up-date. The probuild xayah has the great moves and latest technology weapons to defeat the enemies.

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Lucian runes: –

Another part of the game is lucian runes. It is not a competitor in the game. It is just a screen, which comes during your fight with the minions of the enemies, enemy base, and the monsters of the forest. It is the most famous champion in the lucian build. The lux runes are the whole scenario of the team fight in which you have to fight with the help of your character aka champion, which you have bought from them by spending the gold.

League of legends Lucian Guide: –

If a gamer faces any issue in playing the game then for their help we have the lucian guide. In this guide is the complete description of the lucian game. It gives all the details about how to play the game very well. It also tells us the rules and regulations of the game. With the help of this, you will definitely be capable to play the game and defeating your enemy. Every gamer should carefully read and understand the basics of the game to become a champion. In addition, the lucian guide helps you so much.

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Steps to play the latest lucian build: –

  • When you start the lucian build, your team will be appeared.
  • You will start the game with some gold so you have to sell that gold to get more items.
  • Then, you will go to the three lanes that are Bottom, Medium, and Top.
  • These lanes are filled with the forest, shadowy area, and monsters.
  • You have to beat them all to get more gold.
  • Each lane is guarded with a set of powerful creatures.
  • You will need to destroy your enemy to get into their base and take down their nexus.
  • To beat your enemies to stay behind your minions.

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