Why We Get Olpair.com Error On Kodi

By | August 29, 2018

When we are going to watch a movie on our kodi addon we might get some list of servers. This list would not allow any kodi user to watch their favourite videos. All the complainers are waiting for the solution of this issue. Now we are coming with the latest solution to avoid this issue and why do we get this issue frequently. Then why late just read this article and know the reason for these interrupting servers list. Let me tell you how do we solve this issue from the IP address of your device.

What Does It Mean By Olpair Error

The olpair error will not allow you to watch either your favourite videos or any other videos. Olpair error means you need to pair your device IP address with the olpair IP address. This should be done for every four hours after you pairing your device IP. So this error can be resolved by pairing the IP addresses with each other that means your device and the olpair IP address. Let me explain how to pair the IP address and why do we get this error.

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Why Do We Get Olpair Error

The olpair error is an error which is coming thoroughly when we going to start one movie on our kodi addon. after starting a movie on your kodi addon you will get a servers list from that list select and fix olpair kodi error http://openload.com / pair but you do not stream your video even after selecting that server from the group of servers list. Why because it asks you stream authorization needed. To avoid the stream authorization your device needs to pair its IP address with the Olpair IP address.

This is how do we get an olpair error and why do we get an olpair error. I think you got it now.

When Do We Get Olpair Error

After every four hours, we get an olpair error. Because to avoid all the servers list before you start your favourite video on the kodi you have to pair your device IP address with their Olpair IP address we all knew the process of this. But when do we get this error we do not know about this. For this, we are explaining here about the matter when do we get this.

Basically, we get all the videos from the kodi without any interruptions after pairing your device IP address. But after completion four hours we cannot watch our videos why because the kodi cannot deliver the videos. Because it losts its connection after four hours. So must pair your olpair IP address with your device IP.


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